Ghanaian women ranked first in ‘most unfaithful’ women in the world – Check full list

Women from Ghana and Thailand landed the top spots as the world’s most unfaithful lovers in a new survey. According to the survey carried out by condom producer Durex on 29,000 women in 36 countries, Malaysian women came third – 39 percent admitting they often cheat on their mates, behind Ghana (62 percent) and Thailand (59 percent).

In fourth and fifth place were Russia (33 percent) and Singapore (19 percent) respectively, Star Online reported. Among couples cheating on each other, Malaysia trailed behind South Korea and chart-topper Thailand.

The same survey placed men from Singapore and Hong Kong as being the most promiscuous in Asia, with an average of 16-bed partners in their lifetime.
How do Ghanaians feel about this revelation?
We asked a number of them in the Tri-State area and the general verdict was that of shock and consternation. “That is a preposterous conclusion. What were the yardsticks they used in conducting their poll? How many women did they talk to and what scientific methods did they employ to arrive at such a sweeping verdict? While not completely absolving our women from indulging in certain shenanigans, I would say we, Ghana women are not the most notorious in that regard. I have friends from other ethnicities who are married, and at the same time keep multiple lovers, and I, happily married to my husband for ten years now, have only strayed once, and why I did that was because we were having problems that appeared intractable at the time. Since my husband and I got back together, I have never cheated on him and don’t intend to.” Linda, who asked that I keep her last name out of print, had told me.

To Kwesi–a business owner in Hartford, Connecticut, such definition serves the women right “It has been a known fact within our community and even in our native country that our women have not been faithful to their husbands. Here in the Diaspora, you can’t tell your wife to keep away from certain associations, she will lash out at you, and tell you to mind your business that she is an adult, and knows how to take care of herself- including knowing when to say no to an amorous overtures. It is so depressing to so defined, I hope they will take or two things from this survey and give respect to their marital status.”

“I think the poll is spot-on” a lady who had pleaded to remain anonymous had told me. “I am not proud to say it; a lot of our married women sleep around. At least among my circle of friends- we have at one point or the other maintained other relationships. Sometimes, the driving impulse may not even be for material gains, but for the thrill of it. But we are not different from other Africans. I know some Nigerian friends of mine, who are married too, but have lovers outside. I think our men should find the revelation a means to challenge themselves and ask what it is they are doing that is not right. I don’t think a woman will willingly go out there to cheat on her husband if the ‘game’ is tight at home, if you know what I mean.

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