Ghanaian Prophet Captured On Tape Smoking Weed In Public (Watch Video)

A famous Ghanaian Prophet renowned for exposing fake men of God on TV has been spotted on tape smoking Indian hemp, popularly known as “Wee”.
Avid viewers of Net 2 know Prophet Manasseh Kwabena Boateng as a man of God who exposes other men of God operating in the realms of the flesh to fill their pockets.

The self-proclaimed man of God was in the news recently after alleging that Bishop Nana K. Sarpong, Reverend. Abruku Abrukwa, Bishop Obinim, Reverend Obofour are fake and added that these so-called men of God attacked him with all sort of diseases to shut him up but to no avail.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media Prophet Manasseh Kwabena Boateng is seen busily puffing smokes with a roll of weeds in his hands. The man of God has vehemently rebuked this act on Live TV so it was quite a shock when netizens caught a glimpse of him in the act.

Meanwhile, in other news, sources has debunked rumours circulating that Prophet TB Johua’s daughter Sarah gave birth on the birthday of the late man of God.

It was reported that Sarah gave birth on 12th June, which happened to be Prophet TB Joshua’s posthumous birthday which led people to speculate about the reincarnating of the man of God.

Sarah is a lawyer who got married to a Tanzanian Catholic believer Bryan Moshi in December 2020, but their union is yet to bring forth fruit of the womb.

A source told the ChurchTime that the rumoured childbirth is nothing but false news.

“This is not true, nothing like that happened,” the source said.

In a sit down with The SCOAN Prayer Mountain, Prophet TB Joshua gave some in-depth information about his family saying, “I have a wife and I have children. My first daughter is doing her PhD and my second daughter is doing her master’s degree. In all, I have three daughters. The last one is still in secondary school. I would have loved my wife to be like me but I cannot make her what I am; it is God. I can’t anoint her; God is the one that anoints people.

“This is not a biological issue; it is an inheritance from the saints – being a partaker of the inheritance from the saints. So, therefore, I should not use anything in my biological life to stop my spiritual life

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