Ghanaian Man Stops Rains At A Funeral In Kumasi

A skilled kete dancer in his full elements whilst dancing has caused a stir on social media after commanding the rains to stop falling.

The middle-aged man (kete dancer) who was present at the funeral that saw the likes of Dr Kwaku Oteng in attendance bravely did what many think has never been seen before.

During the funeral in Kumasi suddenly the rains started falling (as you know it would be a pure disappointment to have your funeral ruined by rains) and the kete dancer took to the dance floor and danced to the tune of the kete drums.

He did this when the rains were still heavily pouring, almost destroying the funeral which was graced by some notable high profiled individuals and groups.

As the dancer moved to and fro on the dance floor accompanied with some gestures believed to be a sign to please the gods for the rains to stop, the rains stopped at once.

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