Ghanaian Man Dies After Videos and Photos Showed His Son Becomes A Gay in Abroad Popped Up

Report convened has it that a man has suddenly died weeks after obtaining images and videos of his son joining the gay community in Sweden. 

According to the report, the  said man fell ill all of a sudden when word got to him that his son is now a homosexual after which he passed away a few days later.

In furtherance, the report stressed that several family members, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said their father became ill after learning of his gay son’s sexual orientation and was frequently seen abroad crying his son’s name before his death.

Per the report, siblings of the young guy had previously learned of their brother’s involvement in the act, but their predicament was made worse when images and videos of the young man promoting an LGBTQI community campaign surfaced.

“Our brother’s involvement with the LGBTQI was a shock to us because we were reared in an Islamic home where such behavior is not tolerated,” a family member told MyNewsGhana.Net.

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