Ghanaian female software engineer gets employment at Microsoft

Anna Addei

Ghanaian software engineer, Anna Addei, has joined the PowerPoint team of tech-giant Microsoft. Addei’s achievement places her in an integral part of Microsoft as an African woman in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM).

Her journey to Microsoft began with a recruitment programme at Microsoft that aims at tapping into African tech talents in African universities.

Addei jumped at the opportunity after she heard of the recruiting programme by Microsoft from the career services department at her alma matter Ashesi University.

After an intense recruitment process involving a round of Skype interviews, and then a half-day of onsite interviews at a Microsoft office, she finally got the job.

According to Addei, the recruiters worked hard to place her on a team that was relevant to her career interests. She believes she is working for a company that is not just interested in tapping her talent for a fee, but they are looking to set her up for a successful career.

Addei’s former university, Ashesi University has celebrated her achievement in a post on social media.


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