Festival Celebration In Gomoa Fetteh Turned Into Atopa Show; Check Out Wild Scenes From The Durbar -WATCH

It is established that the people of Gomoa Fetteh in the central have commemorated an occassion which has been tagged as the “Atopa festival”.

Amid the rise of COVID – 19 in the country, the youth were gathered in sums and were giving Atopa to each other on the streets, even though it was raining.

The Amankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Nana Kwesi Quansah speaking on Adom FM said the festival is a form of exercise. He said the festival has always been celebrated since their forefathers established the town.

However this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic they decided not to celebrate but the youth did not heed and went up on the streets to celebrate it.

He added that during this festival a lot of the youth do find their spouse and get married. He said that the festival is not for children and married couples but the single men and women in society.

Nana said it is a great advantage for men who are unable to speak to women about marriage.

With this, they just select the one they want after the Atopa and marry them. Nana Kwesi Quansah then thanked the President and their former MP, Hon. Asomaning for fixing all the roads in Gomoa Fetteh.

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