Female Prostitutes Now Develop a New Method of Getting Their Male Clients Who Need Satisfaction

It has been hard for female workers who depend on men who need cheap satisfaction to make money after the government introduced the new protocols to curb the spread of COVID-19, this has made it hard for those females who depended fully on the business to make a move.


According to Star newspaper, a lady started this job just after high school, she has been able to pay rent, send her child to school, send money home, and was even planning to buy a vehicle, but sadly the pandemic hit unexpectedly, before the pandemic, the lady could take up to 10,000 shillings in a single day.

After the pandemic, it has been hard for females of her nature to make a living because they might get arrested for flaunting the COVID-19 regulations set up by the government. The lady is currently suffering because according to her if she makes 2500 in a single day, then she has to count herself lucky.

Many ladies complain about the lack of customers because they have no chance to meet them in the nightclubs, hotels, and bars, the time frame has been reduced making it less interactive. A lady who has been in the streets for a while complains that customers are hard to find, and if you are lucky to find one, he will pay less and complain about the few wages he is getting at his place of work

During this pandemic time, some ladies are forced to do the act without protection just to make a reasonable amount at the end of the day, this risks them even get the virus.

Since the curfew hours are to be enforced, many are forced to spend a night at a client’s place, they end up being misused in different ways. Since the act looks like immortality, many workers fear taking their clients home or where they are known well for fear of rejection.

As a way of reducing these acts, the association has come up with an app that enables workers to meet with their clients, but one challenge with this is that most clients don’t know about the app, some don’t have smartphones to access the app and others are illiterate making it hard for them to learn what the app requires from them.

During this time, most workers say that they have been neglected, they even pass through a lot of hectic times when they encounter the police whose main aim is only to lure them the small amount of cash they find them with.

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