FBI Allegedly Storms Ghana To Arrest Runaway Popular Fraud Boy

Information reaching us is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of USA has stormed Ghana to arrest a fraudster in Ghana over a 10 million United State dollar conviction, meaning the suspect had already appeared in court for judgement.

The hearing occurred in Manhattan, USA. Five people in which a Ghanaian was included were the ones who were convicted.

According to hearsay, the Ghanaian was staying with the other four people whose nationality has not being disclosed in the United State of America. 

When they were arrested and made to appear in court, they pleaded guilty and all of them were sentenced.

Having handcuffed, the Ghanaian involved called Joe Terry Thompson and Ahmed Tore sometimes, escaped and cut off his cuffs.

As to how he escaped and arrived in Ghana, no one knows.

The FBI however gathered intelligence and quickly stormed Ghana and arrested him. He is 33 years old and was charged for conspiracy to commit wire fraud on January 9.

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