Every Woman is a Prostitute – Salma Mumin

Seasoning Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has revealed that every woman is a prostitute.

According to the entrepreneur, every woman has a boyfriend and a sponsor in their life. However, these sponsors come in ranks, there are some who pay more than others.

Salma Mumin was wading in on the current “Papa No” story that has been trending for days on Peace FM when she made this statement.

“Every woman is a prostitute, every woman has a boyfriend, but their sponsors are in different ranks. If yours would give you 100, another’s would give her 1,000.” she elaborated.

She made this claims in an interview with ZionFelix on his “Uncut” show yesterday and has been trending since.

Just pray for God’s blessings. So, that someone would also give you 1,000. If your man is supporting you, there is nothing wrong with that,” she stressed.

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