Eve Dark inspired me to slaughter my family members. – Kenya Student Who Slew his parents and siblings

Simon Warunge, a 22-old university student who confessed to killing his parents and 3 siblings in Kiambu, has revealed how he executed the heinous Tuesday night attack saying he drew inspiration from film.

Angered that his parents had allegedly soiled his name, Warunge told detectives, he searched online on the best way to execute the plan.

It is after stumbling on the famous Killing Eve dark comedy-drama, a series where a character known as Eve is tasked with hunting down a heartless psychopathic assassin, that he settled on a metal rod and a 9-inche dagger as his murder weapons of choice.

“He first hit on the head using a metal bar and immediately on becoming unconscious, he could stab the chest several times on each of the victims in order to damage respiratory organs,” said a detective privy to the probe referencing Warunge’s statement.

The five victims who included his father, mother and siblings, all had varying cuts from the weapons.

His father’s body, which was found at the entrance of the family’s Karuri home in Kiambu, had 34 stab wounds.

He also murdered a farm worker using the two weapons.

Detectives intend to seek custodial orders for Warunge and his girlfriend on Monday, as they seek to unravel a mystery that has left even sleuths grappling to piece together the puzzle in one of the most complex homicide case.

The killer weapons were recovered yon Saturday in Naivasha, after Warunge led detectives to a secretive location where he hid them.

Warunge’s mission was to eliminate his entire family – but luckily, two of his siblings had reported back to school.

Once done killing his family members, Warunge changed his blood soaked clothes, took the murder weapons, his parents phones and shoes, and proceeded to Mai Mahiu in Naivasha.

It is in Naivasha where he destroyed some of the evidence.

His father was a nurse based in the United States while his mother worked for the Kiambu County Government as a medical officer.

Warunge described his parents to police as “satanic and killers”.

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