Ended in Tears: Patapaa’s German girlfriend launches a new boyfriend.

It’s not a secret no more as Patapaa has been praised severally in the open by his ex-girlfriends on how a lovely striker and commando he is in the bedroom.

Yes, you’ve heard right. Patapaa has worked so hard over the years to win both the body and mind of a German girlfriend called Liha but it seems bedroom performance alone is not enough to land him the German visa and permit he so much wanted.

Patapaa and Liha

From all indications, it has ended in tears for the one corner hitmaker once again as his German girlfriend dumped him for a more energetic and handsome young man.

Below is the message that will drive a bullet so deeply into the heart of Patapaa.

“Happy Birthday To One Of The Most Talented & Hard Working Boy I Know. @officialsoft_ Thank You For Being Such An Amazing Friend To Me. Thank You For Always Having My Back, Giving Me A Shoulder To Cry On, Pushing Me Every Single Day So That I Can Become The Best Vision Of Myself. Thank You For Always Being There For Me, Listening To Me, Advising Me And Never Judging Me For My Decisions And Mistakes. On This Your Special Day, I Wish You Nothing But The Best And I Pray That God Will Continue To Shower You With Blessings, Because You Deserve It. You Are Such A Good & Pure Soul  Cheers To Many

Well, this is more than enough right, Patapaa used to be the shoulder, the adviser, the backbone, and all the good things that Liha wanted in this life.

But we all aware nothing lasts forever, he may just have to start looking for another old lady if he wants to continue chasing his dream of landing a residential permit outside this country

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