Elections 2020: “We Won’t Accept The EC’s Final Verdict” – John Dramani Mahama

John Mahama

Former president and current flagbearer of the NDC party who is seeking to enter into the office of the presidency once again, John Mahama, has firmly stated that the NDC won’t accept the final presidential and parliamentary verdict from the EC.

According to the NDC’s lead-member, the EC has teamed up with the NPP to help Nana Addo to still remain in power.

Going forward, he hinted that the NDC is working with lawyers to claim back their deserving victory.

Ending his speech, he charged on his party faithful’s not to subvert to the will of the EC’s and military agencies intimidations as they are still in the struggle for the right thing to be done by the EC.

John Mahama these wild allegations against the EC whiles officially addressing the nation after the electoral body declared Nana Addo as the president-elect yesterday.

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