E Don Spoil! Man Begs For A Refund After Using His House Rent To Stake Bet [Video]

Irrespective of the predicaments that have befallen many who have dedicated their lives to sports betting, a man has become the latest victim in town after he used his house rent to stake a bet but lost the game.

Some use their school fees, others use the capitals of their businesses, others also use their engagement money and other funds meant for different purposes but end up losing the game. Many have lost hope in life after losing the game while others see no means to live anymore and commit suicide after losing to the game.

In a video sighted on IG, a man was seen begging for a refund from a sports betting shop after he staked with his house rent and lost the game. In the video, the man who sounded very frustrated told the shopkeeper that he will be coming back for the money because that was the house rent he just spent on the bet slip.

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