“Dumsor Collapsed Our Movie Industry” – Akrobeto Reveals

Veteran Ghanaian actor turned Tv show host, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto has blamed the fall of the movie industry on ‘dumsor’ – unpredictable electric power outage.

The Ghana movie industry has been struggling to pick it form and gain it place in Ghanaian homes after falling out for over five years and counting.

Many have wondered what actually could be the root cause of this huge nosedive on the side of the movie industry in Ghana. While others blamed it on poor production and storyline, Popular actor, Akrobeto has blamed the bane on the unpredictable electric power outage, aka Dumsor.

According to Akrobeto, Dumsor is the major cause of the collapse of our movie industry because families felt reluctant in buying CDs and that led to a decrease in the patronage of Ghanaian movies.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz, he said;

Dumsor was a big problem for our work. It was the beginning of our woes because we weren’t able to work as we used to do…People could not even watch the movies they bought at the time and couldn’t catch up with new movies because there was no light to watch them“.

He added that though there were other causes which also affected the industry, dumsor was the first and major cause of the collapse the now dead industry.

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