Drama As Side Chick Unknowingly Enters Same Taxi With Her Sugar Daddy’s Wife

A married woman confronts her husband’s apparent lover in a viral video on the internet social media video.

The wife and side chic got into the same taxi without realizing they were related in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

The elderly woman became aware that her husband had been cheating on her when they were traveling because she was in the same car as her.

She admitted that she once encountered the young woman at their home without realizing that she was having an affair.

The wife claims that after visiting their home and introducing herself as her husband’s friend, the woman had actually been seeing her husband out.

She also mentioned how occasionally her spouse would disappear and she would call his phone in vain.

However, she claimed that instead of fighting the woman, God would punish her for attempting to end her marriage.

The alleged side chic remained silent and said nothing at all while the elderly woman was speaking.

The woman persisted that she was speaking to the correct person despite the passengers in the car being forced to inquire as to whether it was a case of mistaken identity.

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