Don’t visit your man wearing ‘parachute’ panties – Ghanaian s.ex therapist to women (Watch)

Dzifa Sweetness has cautioned contemporary women to stop visiting their boyfriends wearing parachute panties, otherwise known as grandma panties.

Taking her regular position on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’, the popular sex therapist and marriage counsellor asked ladies to look their best when going to their guy’s place and not only exude aura externally.

Dzifa cautioned that panties that are torn or old school are a huge turn-off for men hence ladies must look their best as regards their undies when booking a lovemaking session with their partners.

“Some women wear sexy panties but you’ll see loose threads hanging all around it. Now, these men who like to wear watches, you’ll realize he’ll be undressing her and all of a sudden, one loose thread will just get stuck on the watch. This can even make your man’s penis go back to sleep”, she said.

She advised that to be on the safer side, women who do not have any sexy panties should visit their boyfriends pant-free as men even happen to love that more.

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