Don’t Look For These Things On A Woman While Chasing Her -Renowned Counseller Advises Men

Marriage and Relationship coach Rev. D.Y. Donkor has advised men not to always fall for the looks especially the boobs and buttocks of a woman when considering a life partner.

He contends that physical looks can be deceptive and therefore there is always the need to look beyond them when trying to look for a life-long partner.

He was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM when he made this known.

To him, the best to look out for is a woman with a good character and not a woman with good looks.

He says if God blesses a man with a woman with good character and good looks it’s great but the looks of the woman should never be paramount.

“Look at the character because If you get a woman with good looks and bad character you’ll suffer and struggle. Don’t go for a woman with enough body but no sense in the head. It’s imperative that you focus on the abilities than the looks,” he said.

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