DKB blast late Ghanaian YouTube Star Nicole Thea who died with her unborn child.

DBK is known as one of the top comedians in the country and across with many awards to his credit. His real name is Derrick Kobina Bonney.

The ace comic actor has taken a swipe at ladies using the late Nicole Thea as a stand point.

According to him, Nicole’s death Shou serve as a deterrent to girls who are in the habit of exposing their pregnancy and showing their baby bumps.

DKB took to Twitter to express his feeling by retweeting a tweet that was containing a message of condolence to the deceased.

He sounded a word of caution o girls that, spiritual principalities can attack them if they keep on flaunting their pregnancies on social media.

Nicole Thea was a Street Dancer in London who died at age 24. Before her death, she was showing her journey to pregnancy with her partner by dancing and other Stuffs.

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