Deep Secret Out: Trouble As Another Personal Person Of Rev. Obofour Parts Ways; Dirty Secret Dropped

Aunty B, the former Rev Obofour’s ‘personal person,’ is reported to have ended her relationship with the pastor years after the two had worked together.

According to reports, this most recent development occurred some months ago.

The story goes that Auntie B became ill and was on the verge of death, but Rev Obofour was unable to assist her.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mannsah went on to say that Rev Obofour fired Auntie B from her position as finance manager of his church, despite the fact that she was in charge of the miraculous things.

Manasseh further said that Aunty B, after recovering from her illness, advised herself to leave Obofour and that she did so.

Aunty B is now working with a new prophet, who happens to be a woman.

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