Cutlass-wielding man dies from his own cutlass at Juaboso.

One person has been butchered, another hospitalized as family members clash at Juaboso Bonsu-Nkwanta.

The deceased, 51-year-old Joseph Aye Tossah, was murdered by his biological brother and son over a misunderstanding over construction of a toilet facility.

Reports say the deceased’s elder brother, Richard Aye, 54, and his son, Enoch Bentum, 32, warned Tossah over some attitude which has rendered the construction stagnant.

This led to an intense and prolonged quarrel that was allegedly started by deceased after he threatened to let blood flow in the house.

True to his word, Tossah allegedly attempted to slash his senior brother and son who was intervening in the argument.

But, the duo overpowered and butchered him with his own machete and large-sized iron rod in the late hours of Monday, March 1.

The deceased susatined deep wounds on his upper torso, typically his back and neck and over five slashes to his head.

The ‘troublesome’ Mr Tossah, as he is described, did not die without putting up a fight as eyewitnesses say he inflicted bruises on the father and son.

Subsequently, Enock bentum was rushed to the Juaboso Government Hospital for treatment and the deceased’s body deposited at the hospital’s morgue.

Also, 54-year-old Richard Aye is currently in police custody.

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