Comedy: Introducing Quame Lamar, the budding Comedian/Actor from Ghana.

Real name is Daniel Mawulolo Kwame Dake with the stage name Quame Lamar, 24 years of age, a past student of Awudome Senior high School (AWUSCO) where he offered Science.

Quame Lamar

Quame Lamar is an actor who’s currently working with Milife Insurance Company as a Financial Advisor.

About his career as an Actor, he’s worked a couple of TV stations like Honi TV and a former contestant of TV3’s reality show Top 10 Actors where he got evicted even before the real show could start lol.

Quame Lamar

However, the budding comedian cum actor didn’t give up on his aspirations as he embarked on new challenges.

With a determined mindset and the help of one of his bosses Smile Obi, (CEO of STY HOUSE MEDIA), Lamar has produce some skits like Two Idiots, Extra Lessons, The Interview etc.

Still looking forward with a project with Rak Ghana and also an upcoming series with Louix Films titled LIFE AFTER SCHOOL, he wants all his content lovers and fans to stick with him and expect more crazy stuffs.

Watch and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel for more interesting comedy skits that can spice up your day with the link below.:

You can follow Quame Lamar on all social media platforms by searching @quamelamar and subscribe to his YouTube channel @Quame Lamar.

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