Chrisland Pupil S3xtape: Shocking As More Videos Of The 10-year-Old Chrisland Girl Drops.

Chrisland girl .. A video of a 10-year-old female student of Chrisland Schools Lagos, allegedly rαped by fellow students during a trip to Dubai, UAE, went viral recently.

The incident, which sparked outrage on social media, was said to have occurred during a trip to Dubai for the World School Games that held between March 8 and March 14, 2022.

A video showing the mother of an alleged victim calling for help went viral on Monday, sparking controversy and debate.

She claimed that the school tried to cover up the incident till another parent drew her attention to it.

In the video shared by one Ubi Franklin, she further claimed that Chrisland suspended her daughter once the school found out she was aware of the gravity of the alleged abuse.

However, Some Netizens who claimed to watch the video alleged that the minors willingly got into an immoral act, and should be sanctioned and groomed properly.

In a recent update, a Facebook user identified as Abiola Peters Alaba who dug out the social media page of the 10-year-old on Likee, revealed that she has over 500 videos and referred to herself as “bad girl”

Chrisland video
Chrisland viral video

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