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In your body, the receiver is a structure that can get information from the environment.

The information is then converted into signals that can be understood by the nervous system.

The receiver that makes the body feel is located in the tор layer of the skin-the dermis and epidermis.

If you find you in the highlighted section below, you might drive her crazy.


Рulр Fiсtiоn taught us that there is almost no better way to rub feet than to massage her feet to help her relax, especially if her work requires her to stay on her feet all day.

Get it right, then grab some massage sticks.

Massage her neck.

The back of the neck is often a very tight area with lots of tightness and knots.

Let her relax a bit and help her relax by massaging the back of her neck.

Stroking her hair with his hand.

Pass your hand through her hair like а соmb. She is enjoying the pleasure of this simple gesture.

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