Boyfriend Breaks Down In Tears After Finding Giant Cucumber With A C®nd©m On It In Girlfriend’s Bag (Watch Video)

Boyfriend Finds Giant Cucumber In His Girlfriend’s Bag

Looks like these daughters of Eve nowadays have devised their own ways of satisfying themselves naturally as their man’s joystick isn’t as satisfying as they want.
This was the fate of a boyfriend who found in his girlfriend’s bag a giant cucumber

The shocked guy could not believe his eyes at the size of the vegetable his girlfriend has been sticking into her body froze.

The worst of it all was that the cucumber also had a c©nd¢m on it.

The girl after she was confronted denied the cucumber is for pleasuring herself but the guy refused to buy it, asking her why it is in her belongings and not in the fridge and also why it has a ‘rubber’ on it.

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