Bobrisky offers 20m Naira and journey overseas for Any man ready to Sleep together with her

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Bobrisky has run to social media to offer cash, a automobile, a trip abroad and other sweets to any man inclined to sleep along with her.
Bobrisky has been claiming forever that she has too many sugar daddies who fund her way of life, yet here she is begging men to come sleep together with her for money.
The Nigerian transgender superstar took to her Instagram page to put up an advert seeking out a person to sleep with.
She promised that the chosen candidate could acquire a loose vehicle worth 20m naira, a trip to an individual foreign vacation spot to have s*x, a Presidential Rolex and designer shoes and wear.w

Bobrisky wrote: “I need to break a person son with the following gadgets indexed beneath – A modern vehicle really worth 20million, Presidential Rolex, Designers shoe and wears, first class ticket to head knack overseas. but you have to be so first-class, darkish skin, lovable face with clean beards ?. Our dating will all the time be non-public don’t fear about ur face in public. Don’t forget i’ve plenty sugar daddy ????so don’t be jealous o,”The offer has generated huge on line debate with many men announcing they are geared up to take it.The query is despite joking about taking the provide, is any guy surely going to take it? Bob was once a man and is transitioning however it’s now not clear if she’s performed with all her surgeries.

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