Bishop Salifu Amoako Blast Church Members For Paying 1 Dollar As Offering In US

The founder and leader of Alive Chapel International, Bishop Salifu Amoako, was astounded when some worshippers began giving out one-dollar bills as donations.

Social media users have started sharing a video of the self-described “man of God” talking at an American church, where he had supposedly been invited as a guest speaker.

He started yelling at the pastor who called him over, urging him not to do it again since the churchgoers were not interested in worshiping and getting to know God.

Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako claims that in order to see God’s activity in their lives, people must make bigger sacrifices than meager contributions.

On the subject of offerings, Jesus went into more detail, noting that those who give to God but receive nothing in return should not have their hopes inflated.

In the meantime, the bishop concluded his speech by criticizing the “insulting” donation.

You decided to give 1, 1 dollar which has no value. Let me teach you small. Your problem is your mindset. Your attitude is what determines your altitude in life. How can you give God a dollar? You, a human being, made up of flesh and blood.

The thing I asked you to do, you didn’t get it. You should have placed a value on it. Some of you were using your left hand and throwing it.

Bishop Amoako later turned to the pastor who invited him: Please next time come and do your church. When I give you my word, I give it. I don’t go to places where people don’t honour God.

He later turned to the crowd again with his surprised outlook: Some of you are blessed, and you are driving a car, and you give like this? Even Muslims and idol worshippers don’t do that. Ei! I am surprised. Wonders shall never end, he climaxed.

The Bishop, meanwhile, ended his sermon over the “insulting” collection.

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