Arch Bishop Duncan Williams reacts to his son’s nude videos and outburst on social media.

The man of God who is regarded as one of the influential personalities in the country has reacted to the nudes and outburst of his last born Daniel Duncan Williams.

The founder and leader of Action Chapel International in a statement issued on his behalf by his spokesperson has said Daniel was diagnosed with acute bipolar disease six years ago.

According tonthe statement, Daniel failed to continue with his medication and has this caused the relapse leading to his recent outburst.

The Arch Bishop said “this is a test to my faith… I acknowledge the situation my son is in and I still love him…please pray for us.. love covers multitude of sins” 1 Peter 4:8.

The revered man of God has asked the country to assist his family in prayers and this shouldn’t be a click bait for the media.

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