“Billionaires Club” – Femi Otedola Invites Dangote To Chill With Him On His N300 Million Super Yacht

DJ Cuppy’s father FemiOtedola is amongst the few fortunate Nigerians who owns a yacht. As we all know because of Femi Otedola’s matured age, he doesn’t like to show off his assets on the internet.

Well, social media users have been able to dig and provide pictures of a luxury yacht owned by Dangot’s best friend.

According to sources, Femi Otedola’s yacht is valued at around $700,000 and is equivalent to N700, 000 million. The sea beast also has features that include a cinema, disco, pool, library and spa. 

In one of the photos, Dangote and other Nigerian billionaires can be seen chilling with Femi Otedoal on his yacht.

The rich are truly enjoying life whiles others are also struggling just to afford a three square meal.

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