As A Man, It’s Your Responsibility To Give A Woman Transport Fare After A Visit/Date – Blessing Okoro Says

Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has confirmed that it’s a man’s responsibility to give a woman transport fare after a visit or date as it shows some level of protection and maturity.

The debate of whether a man is supposed to give a woman money for transport fare after inviting her for a date or a visit has become the most talked-about topic online and Blessing Okoro has put all that to rest with her submission on that.

According to her, it’s the responsibility of a man to give a woman transportation fare after a date or a visit as that shows that you’re responsible and wants to see to it that the lady gets back home without any problem.

Blessing Okoro then added that ladies whose men have been complaining about asking transport fares are boys because as a man, the least you could do for your woman after a visit or date is to give her transport fare just to make sure she gets home safely.

She then added that a man’s job is to provide for his woman because the moment he made up his mind to get into a relationship with a woman, it means he’s willing and ready to carry responsibilities hence transport fare shouldn’t be a problem.

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