“I am not gay, my father is a witch” – Daniel Duncan Williams shockingly reveals.

After making the trends when he personally his erotic videos on social media, the “Prodigal Son” Daniel came on a 2-hour periscope live chat on Twitter and made certain vital claims about himself and family.

In one of the videos he posted yesterday, the son of the Man on God was twerking completely naked which made social media users labeled him as gay. However, during his live chat, Daniel started clearly that “I am not gay, I like girls and will eat your girl”.

What caught the attention of many in his live chat is the claims he made about his father the Arch Bishop Duncan Williams who he tagged as a witch and the cause of his break-up with his former lover Abena Kuffour.

“Abena Kuffour was my soul mate but my father caused our break-up because he thought Abena was a witch causing my mental breakdowns but he is the witch” he stated. This is not the first time Dee Will as he’s known in the music scene has emotional broke down on social media.

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