Anyone who does not believe in God is a fool – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, owner of Kencity Group of Companies

Kennedy Agyapong, owner of Kencity Group of Companies has identified religion as a major factor in the failure of Ghanaian-owned companies to be successful.

He said, some Ghanaian entrepreneurs blindly prioritize their beliefs over their business which affect productivity.

He cited a situation where some Christians spend long hours in church instead of balancing their faith with religion.

Kennedy Agyapong explained that he is not against people practising their faith but want them to be mindful of their jobs as well.

“Religious beliefs are also part of the problem. You sit in church and say all kinds of prayers and rubbish and you expect your business to go on. I’m not against religion”.

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central disclosed further anyone with the opinion that God exists not ought to do some examination of his mind.

Agyapong insisted God exist but has given mankind the power and ability to decide certain things.

“My belief is that any man who doesn’t believe in the existence of God is a fool. I believe in God but I manage my things because that is what gladdens God”.

He also advised Ghanaian entrepreneurs to change their attitude and desist from always trying to fleece their partners.

“Most of our things go wrong because of our attitude. The entrepreneur is no different from the employee because you’ve cheated on your partners as owner, your workers will also cheat you” he stressed on Net2 TV.

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