Akuapem Poloo Finally Reveals Why She Embraced Islam

Actress and brand influencer, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has at last responded to those who have questioned her decision to convert to Islam in light of the famed history of controversies she has amassed.

It will be noted that Akuapem Poloo’s social media annoyance triumphantly proclaimed a few days ago that she is now a Muslim and went on to share photographs of her ‘conversion process’.

Akuapem Poloo gave an updated account that shed light on the factors that influenced her choice.

Akuapem Poloo said “some are saying am I impressing a man, they didn’t let me sleep. I had a lot of calls from outside Ghana. I am not impressing anyone. Mind you, my son is nine years old and he is a Muslim. I got pregnant for a Muslim guy in 2012 and gave birth in 2013. That should tell you I know what I am doing. I love the Islamic religion.”

Most of my friends are Muslims so I love Muslims, I love Islamic religion so I am not impressing anyone. I won’t impress human beings, the only person I impress is Allah,” she said.

I’ll make sure to cover up not to expose my body a lot but hey this is Sexy Poloo, my Mallam who helped me said I can still keep my name on social media and keep my name as Sexy Poloo but I’ll just add my Muslim name to it.

And as Sexy Poloo, you will see me go sexy, I will cover myself with cloth but the sexy body will expose, that is what you don’t like, you hate to see my cute sexy body but I am sexy. I won’t expose my body.

I won’t wear short pants and things but I am still Sexy Poloo keep that in mind,” she concluded.

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