“After Killing Atta Mills, you have killed JJ Rawlings” – NPP Woman Hajia Fati accuse Mahama

 NPP’s Hajia Fati says Mahama is the one behind JJ Rawling’s death

There’s an adage that ‘politics is not a game for the Pope’ because it’s a dirty game where it must be played dirty when it gets dirty.

But some people hide under the umbrella of ‘politics is a dirty game’ to do things that even a mad person cannot be able to do.

An example is what is coming from NPP’s Hajia Fati. In a viral video, she together with a yet-to-be identified woman have said that Mahama is the one behind the death of former President and founder of NDC, Jerry John Rawlings.

They alleged that it was Mahama who killed former president John Evans Attah-Mills and he has repeated the same thing on Rawlings.

John Mahama was the one who killed him. He killed him for power. Mahama has done it again. He has killed Rawlings.“, she was heard screaming in the viral video.

This woman must be located and dealt with by the law to serve as deterrent to others.

Watch the video below

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