After 5 Years of Sponsoring, Her Parents Don’t Want Me To Marry Her – Guy Reveals

A young guy has taken to social media to share a situation she has been caught up in.

The issue happens to be with a lady who he wants to marry, however, the parents of the lady have brought up some flimsy excuses to call off the marriage.

He made this known in a recent post he made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and the post he made reads;

“I am a ghanaian but grew up in Benin Republic because my Dad was transferred to the Ghana embassy overthere.
So after completing secondary school decided to come back to Ghana for University in other to also mingle and have my country culture.
So while in Gh,2 years after i met this wonderful girl who is fante and we started dating,at first she tought i was a nigerian guy but i explained to her am a full fast forward in the relationship her parents never approved me claiming am gonna use her for money rituals.but we really love each other and i have so much invested in this girl after 5 years of dating.
Am now ready to marry her and made all moves and approach for her parents to accept me but they not giving in,my father even met the family but they keep on saying they will call us and yet nothing is happening.
I love my girl but i really want to move on,i tried telling her i wanted to a break up and the next thing she did was trying to kill herself,thank God i was there on time.
Please what should I do??
I don’t know whats the issue with her parents and this people don’t even know me…
I really need advice.
I dont want to hurt my girl too.”

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