Afia Pokua Sends Strong Warning To John Mahama About The 2020 Election

UTV’s Afia Pokuaa a.k.a Vim Lady has made a bold statement about the just ended election and is causing massive stir online. The UTV presenter who was very active during the election collation and counting of results has recently been seen defending media personalities as some members of the national democratic congress threaten their lives

The election has ended but its post drama and many other problems seems to be rising daily. Many media personalities have all contributed in making known to the Ndc that they’re not at fault in any of the results which were seen on the media because they are the certified results which they got from the polling stations after every count.

After the election, the Ndc members have been seen on the streets causing some problems as they demonstrate against the government and the electoral commission. These Ndc members have burnt tyres and a few items which has even gotten some of them arrested and released later on. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Ghana to be seen in these acts since violence has never been the solution to any problem in the country.

Aside these ongoing demonstrations, the media personalities and television stations have become a target to members of the national democratic congress. The Ndc members who are alleging that the media personalities were in bed with the electoral commission thus giving or showing results which favored the Npp and not the Ndc have allegedly begun issuing threats against them.

The television presenters for the united television, Joy news and many other media platforms have allegedly received series of threats from members of the Ndc and this is why Afia Pokuaa has this message for the Ndc members and for John Mahama. Speaking in an ongoing discussion on the united television, Afia Pokuaa boldly revealed that the truth about the election results is that the media houses do not announce or show a result that is not certified by the polling agents and the party agents.

Immediately the results are certified, their people give them the feed back on the actual or certified results. And this is the result that is been shown and not a result that has been manipulated by any media house. This makes them not guilty of any of the claims coming from the Ndc. She called out to former President John Mahama to call back and speak to his people who are doing this before he loses his chances of probably becoming the president in his next attempt because of the current behavior of the Ndc.


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