Accra slayqueen fights Yango driver after failing to pay her fare charges.

Accra slayqueen called Kylie Jenner engaged in a heated fight with a Ghanaian Yango driver over fare charges in Accra.

The rather angry Kylie resorted to the exchange of blows with the driver who pushed her away from as they attacked each other.

A video gives an account of the moment the Yango driver refused to accept the fare the slayqueen decided to pay him. In effect, it led to a heated disagreement which resulted in a fight.

Per reports, the slay queen who is called Accra Kylie Jenner felt the Yango driver wanted to cheat her by charging an outrageous fare for the ride.

She insisted that she would not pay the driver more than what she thought was the due fare. It did not sit well with the Yango driver who demanded he was paid the full amount as shown on the app.

This escalated into the exchange of words and eventually resulted in near mayhem. Accra Kylie Jenner felt he was been cheated on and would not budge. Meanwhile, the driver also felt she was just not ready to cooperate and pay the fare charges.

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