A pimp l£aks private video of Bridget Achieng after misunderstanding.

Popular Nairobi socialite Bridget Achieng has been trending online after her private video was released by a lady friend, following a misunderstanding.

In yet another enervating episode of “Women are their own worst enemies”, a once highly sought after Nairobi socialite is said to have spent the weekend locked up in her apartment.

and on the edge of sinking into a deep wave of depression after someone from her terrible “squad” of friends decided to feed the internet with images showing her God-given birthday suit.

According to reports, a lady friend, who is based in Nigeria and works as a pimp released the embarrassing video on social media after Bridget assaulted a client.

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The client refused to pay Bridget the money that they had agreed, claiming that he didn’t enjoy her services and her body shape was pathetic.

In the leaked video, Bridget is seen dressing and displaying her body that resembles a rotto tank.

From some of the online reactions seen by Atinkanews.net it’s safe to say that her once curvaceous body that drove Nairobi CEOs crazy a few years ago is no longer as mouth-watering.

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