99% of women will go crazy if you tell her this.

99% of women will go crazy if you tell her this.

I always say this, women love men who can stand up for themselves.

Women respect men who respect themselves. Women love selfish men.

There are men out there who would do anything for a woman. I want to give you this advice,stop giving women everything. Women go crazy for a guy who is able to tell them “no”.

Men try to make women feel comfortable. They always try to make women feel happy forgetting that, women are the most unhappy people on earth.

The more you give to them,the less they will appreciate you and less happy they will be. You can never satisfy a woman.

If a woman wants to change plans,tell her “no”. Don’t give in to what she wants.

This will make women go crazy for you and love you more because you have respect for yourself(you stick to your words). You have to think about yourself first all the time.

Stop trying to please them. Don’t give women their way. Don’t make things easy for her.

If she wants to kiss and not have sex,tell her “no”. You don’t have to give her what she wants.

When she wants to have sex and you don’t want to,tell her no .

Stop giving women the easy route. If you want a woman to become really attached to you,you have to respect yourself first.

Married men are even afraid to tell their wives “no” or say no to them on certain issues.

They have this perception,” Oooh ,I want to treat her like a princess. I want her to feel good” . That’s the reason why most married women don’t respect their husbands these days . The more you give to women,the less they will appreciate you.

Start telling women “no”. If you think maybe she is not going to like you,then so be it.

Have self discipline my brother. The more “no’s” you tell women,the more respect they will have for you.

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