6-Year-Old girl whose belly is growing like a football cries for help.

A young 6-year-old girl who has been tagged “pregnant” due to her rare health condition calls for help.

Her health condition which has deteriorated over the years has rendered her helpless and given her a pot belly which makes her look just like a pregnant woman.

Her mother, in an interview, said she still does not understand the genesis of her daughter’s condition but could remember that it all started when she once complained of stomach pain after school.

With her husband abandoning her and the child, this poor woman had no means to seek immediate critical healthcare which as a result gave her 6-year-old daughter a protruded stomach.

This is what her mother had to say

“She’s just 6 years old but after seeing my daughter, people would conclude that she’s pregnant. But that’s not the case. She has a disorder that is slowly killing her.

She had started her nursery school but one day, she came back complaining about her stomach. We thought it was diarrhoea but she was experiencing too much pain that will not even allow her to sleep. This made her drop out of school.

Her father abandoned us in such a difficult situation. After seeing his daughter’s situation turning from bad to worse yet he could not afford daily medication, he woke up one day as if he was going to work and he never came back.

He left us struggling. Her stomach problem and size has hindered her from interacting with other children.

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