5 people died after being buried by a charcoal-loaded car.

A road crash along the Begoro-Osiem road in the Eastern Region claimed the lives of five people who were buried by a charcoal and maize-laden vehicle. 

The truck and a 28-seater Benz Bus were involved in a collision on Monday, May 17, 2022 at around 2:00pm. 

It happened while the truck was negotiating a hairpin curve near Akrumusu hamlet, according to reports. 

The vehicle, which was loaded with charcoal and maize, had overturned in a gutter with its tyres hanging in the air when police and fire officers arrived. 

Solomon Owusu, the driver, and Kofi Boateng, 46, were rescued and transported to the Begoro District Hospital. 

“Five people named Kwame Atta, “Scorpion,” Kofi, Kwesi, and Issac Teye were stuck and buried in the car by the loaded charcoal and corn,” the police stated in a statement. 

The five were also taken away and taken to the Begoro District Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. 

The bodies were then deposited in the mortuary of the same hospital for preservation and autopsy. 

While efforts were made to tow the accident vehicle to the station for further action, photographs and crucial points were put down for measurements to be taken later.

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