5 Male Celebrities That Killed Their Own Partners.

5 Celebrities That Killed Their Own Partners

There are MANY celebrities that murdered their partners intentionally and most of them were prosecuted.

Here are  5 celebrities that killed their own partners. Some of them confessed that they killed their partners while others didn’t confess but were caught through several investigations. Some of these celebrities committed suicide after killing their partners.

Here are the 5 celebrities.

1. Michael Jace.

He was a popular American actor who was famously known for the part he played on the “FX Drama”. Michael Jace confessed that he shot his wife whose name is April Jace on 19th May 2014.

He claimed that he only wanted to wound her not to kill her. Michael Jace was later convicted and charged for murder of his wife.

2. Chris Benoit.

He was a Wrestler from Canada, he was a popular wrestler but he killed his wife and his son on 22nd June 2007. He later committed suicide two days after killing his wife and son.PROMOTED CONTENT

3. Earl Heyes.

Earl Heyes was a rapper and in 2014, he shot his wife whose name is Stephanie Mosley who was a professional dancer. According to reports, Earl Heyes later killed himself after killing his wife.

4. Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar was a sprint runner from South Africa, he claimed that he accidentally killed his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (2013). Reeva Steenkamp was the name of his girlfriend. Oscar claimed that he thought his girlfriend was an intruder but he was later convicted for the murder of his girlfriend.

5.Jovan Belcher.

In 2012, Belcher murdered his girlfriend because of an argument that came up between them. He was a popular NFL player and the name of his girlfriend was Kasandra Perkins. Jovan Belcher later shot himself in the head and he left his daughter who is now an orphan.

So, the 5 celebrities listed above killed their own partners and they were convicted while others killed themselves.

What do you think about these details concerning celebrities that killed their own partners

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