5 Male Body Parts Most Women Find Very Attractive

In this post, I will try all I can to highlight those parts, and if you are a man, you may be able to improve on them if you can, but if it is natural, then you will still give God thanks for creating you like that.

1. Chest.

Women like comfortability and whenever they are with you, that is one place they like keeping their heads. So, they like men with a broad chest that they can always lay their heads and play with especially when the chest has hairs.

2. Long Leg.

We all know that the length of the leg contributes majorly to the height of a man, and women tend to like more of tall men than short men.

Achondroplasia is a disease of the hands and legs which makes them not to grow as supposed but when a man doesn’t have this disease, he most certainly will grow tall and women likes their men taller than them.

3. Head.

Women likes men with good head shape. Whenever they are choosing their man, they like the man with either round head shape or straight head, and not men with mango like head.

4. Eyes.

Most women easily fall for men with beautiful eyes. Most times, it seems that some men use their to attract some women especially when the Man have white men like eyes. Women also like looking men’s eyes because they believe they will know how he feels about them if they look deep into his eyes but when your eyes are too big, it is kind of a turn off for women.

5. Lips.

If you pay keen attention to our society, you will discover that women trip for guys with pink lips than dark lips.

This has made some guys try to make their lips look pink by buy some medications in the market to do that.

6. Stomach.

Most women do not like men with pot belly and when you do, it is more of a turn off for them.

They prefer men with flat stomach which results in what the society calls 6 packs.

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