4 MUBs students at hostel caught doing the unthinkable to 1 man [Watch]

First, it was a student said to be from St Mary’s Kitende who was seen in a video serving her goodies to two hungry boys, and later a Makerere University Business School (MUBS) student who also released another challenging the Kitende one.

4 MUBs students at hostel caught

As the public is still digesting both videos, another one from MUBS has taken social media by storm.

The institution looks like it is nolonger training students in academic courses but rather bedroom styles as the students are seen in the video doing the unthinkable in presence of fellow

In the video is one lady laying down on her stomach on a b£d while a g£ntleman is busy t£rminating another babes sumbi£

On the same bed is another female student who is also dr£ssless seems to be ready to enjoy as soon as the boy finish up the other colleague.

Another lady in the same room who recorded the video is overheard laughing out loud praising the man.

Click HERE to watch full video

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