3ka Aba Fie: Man Who Bet 5000ghc On Mahama Called Out To Honour His Word After Mahama Lost.

A lot of things happened on social media prior to the 2020 December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Amongst these is a bet placed between one NPP member, Kwesi Arko, and another NDC member, Prezident Eboo on Facebook.

It all started when Kwesi Arko predicted about six months ago that John Dramani Mahama of the NDC would lose this year’s elections.

However, Prezident Eboo who disagreed and felt the prediction was wrong challenged Kwesi Arko to a bet saying Mahama was going to win this year’s election. After going back and forth, both parties agreed to pay either half 5000ghc in case his prediction comes to pass.

Lo and and behold, Madam Jean Mensa on December 9, 2020, declared Nana Addo as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election making Kwesi Arko the winner of the bet, which means Prezident Eboo would have to fulfill his side of the bet by paying 5000ghc to the former.

On December 10, Kwesi Arko took to Facebook to call out Mr Eboo to fulfill his side of the bet, however, the latter has felt reluctant in doing so.

It appears he never dreamt of losing such an amount as he was quite certain that John Mahama and the NDC were going to emerge winners of this year’s elections.

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