34-Year-Old Headmaster rapes student seven times in his Office

 Salvation Army Junior High School (JHS)
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The Headmaster was reported to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service by the victim’s family for his arrest.

A 34-year-old headmaster in Salvation Army Junior High School (JHS) in the Upper West Akim Municipality of the Eastern Region, Mr Adu Edward locked her female student of form three in his office and raped her in separate occasions of seven consecutive times,” the victim has revealed in a video.

The headmaster who has allegedly raped his student has reportedly deserted the school, with an excuse that he is sick and attending to the medical treatment and that the school authorities were reportedly accused to have planned to cover up the sexual criminal act of Mr Adu Edward.

The incessant sexual intercourse, according to the 16-year-old girl (name withheld) was meted to her by the headmaster since last year May 2020.

The victim narrated the headmaster has started to have several sexual intercourses with her in his office before even the wake of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) disease which led to the closure of the school.

“Before the headmaster becomes sick and bedridden, he had sex with me and unfortunately one teacher of the school Mr Gyau Enoch came to see him glaringly having sexual intercourse with me in his office that day which has saved my life,” she disclosed in the video.

“The headmaster at the first he attempted to exhibit his sexual criminal act, he invited me to his office and kissed my mouth and l told him that l do not want to have sex with him, So when l came out from his office l informed my school mate friend about the criminal act by the teacher.

“Following this development,  my friend told me that l should report the act of the teacher to my mother but lam afraid that my mother would shout at me. So l did not do so,” the victim narrated in the video.

Interestingly the family members of the victim were said to have reported the case to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service for the arrest of the headmaster.

Bu the authorities of the school were accused of attempting to cover up the act of the headmaster.

When contacted via telephone conversation by this reporter, the headmaster confirmed that he was sick and bedridden.

Mr Adu Edward told Soireenews that he didn’t have the administrative capacity to comment on the matter since the case has been handled by the authorities of the school.

“Please (referring to the reporter) l am working for people l know what you want to ask me, what l want to you is that l heard of rumours going round in the town that is why l told you that you should talk to my authorities over the issue. I begged you when l cured my sickness l can respond to your call.

“Even at the moment you are talking to me you make me the shock of my life, l am telling the true man of God. For this matter, they have called me from the office.

“So what l told you is that whatever you want,  l want to speak to my school authorities before. I would to them because l am curing my sickness and when am l now l cannot talk to you now.

“My authorities have come to me and l have spoken to them about the issue. I cannot talk to you because l am working for somebody,” the headmaster recounted when he was interviewed by this reporter over the matter.

All efforts to get the authorities of the school to respond to the issue proved futile.

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