3 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

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If you are in a relationship and have trust issues, surely you often ask yourself questions such as: Is he unfaithful? How do I know if my girlfriend is cheating on me? Worse than being betrayed is not knowing what’s going on. In this article we show you some signs to discover if your girlfriend is cheating on you. If the evidence is there, don’t ignore it; You must have a talk with your partner and define if you want to save the relationship or end it permanently.

This list includes signals that you can identify only with the behavior of your girlfriend, without violating her privacy. Many times, doubt and insecurity make us cross limits. Uncovering a possible hoax requires investigation, but you must take a moral path without invading their privacy. The signs that we show you in this article are not, by themselves, a guarantee that your partner is cheating on you. If you identify most of the signs in her behavior, then you can be suspicious and confront her about her behavior.

1. Change the subject when you name a certain person

Observe her reaction when you talk to her about a boy with whom you suspect she is cheating on you. You don’t need to mention it directly, it can be subtle. For example, tell her that you were talking to “Kofi”, and analyze her reaction. If she tries to change the subject, acting overly disinterested, then she probably hiding something.

2. She has no time for you

Maybe she makes excuses not to see you, like her work and studies, but then you see that she publishes photos on outings with a group of friends. If your girl is no longer looking for time to share with you, it is an indicator that you should be suspicious.

3. She tells you that her friend needs her, but does not explain the situation to you

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If it is not work, it is always a friend who needs it, but does not give you details and if you ask, she gets angry at you. This can be one of the hardest signs to spot, as your friends are likely to cover for her. You will have to look elsewhere for evidence. If you are part of her circle of friends from the beginning of the relationship, it is probably easier to catch her in one of her lies or to discover what is really going on.

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